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Giving gems a new life…

The everlasting change and churn of the ocean… captured with recycled gemstones.

Gems are made to sparkle, glitter, shine and brighten our days with their amazing colours. 

They are meant to be worn, admired and to bring a smile to your face when you wear them.

Not to sit in a drawer, on a dressing table or in a jewellery box.

That’s why in some of my pieces you will find beautiful, recycled gemstones. 

But what does that mean?

Recycled gemstones have been salvaged, from unwanted or unworn jewellery, and brought to you in my pieces to start their new story, to be part of your story. I do of course use new gemstones in my designs as well and any using recycled gemstones are highlighted in the product details, I personally love the idea of the stones having a history that we are adding to as they become part of our own jewellery that we can pass down through generations. True Heirloom Jewellery. 

Some stone are repolished which usually means that there is a slight reduction in size from the original to the repolished stone, some of them may not be 100% perfect, but who is? If there are any imperfections these are reflected in the price and noted in the description of the item. But there is beauty in imperfection, we are all imperfectly perfect are we not?

My recycled stones come either from unworn pieces from my own collection, or from trusted suppliers such as Gemmology Rocks where gemmologist Kerry Gregory carefully selects the best recycled stones.

Theres also another aspect to recycling of gems and that is YOUR gems. If you have unworn or unwanted jewellery, why not have them recycled into something new and something unique to you. Prices for remodelling vary depending on the design, and metals used but I try my best to offer a range of options to suit all budgets. I can also use recycled gems for some of my main collection designs. Get in touch if you want to remodel or use recycled gems in a new Treasure for yourself!

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