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Caring for your jewellery

I want your jewellery to last a lifetime, multiple lifetimes so it can be true heirloom jewellery passed from one generation to the next.
All pieces are designed and made with the utmost care and attention but to ensure that they stay looking their best, there are a few tips to help below:

Cleaning your jewellery

With day to day wear, jewellery can require a little bit of cleaning every now and then. To clean your pieces, I recommend using warm soapy water – normal dishwashing soap is fine for this, and a soft toothbrush – baby toothbrushes are ideal. Be very gentle as you scrub your piece where you can see dirt build up, then pat gently dry with some kitchen roll or similar and leave to fully air dry.

For more delicate pieces, such as pieces containing pearls, emeralds and other softer gemstones or porous materials, I don’t recommend using the soapy water option but just gentle cleaning with a soft cloth.

Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners are now readily available but I don’t recommend using these regularly and some gemstones (soft and porous gems) are not suitable for ultrasonic machines and can be damaged by them.
If your piece requires a through deep clean, please get in touch to discuss and I can arrange this for you.

Every day is a jewellery day…

If you're like and me and wear some form of jewellery every day, there are a couple of things to be aware of.

Try to avoid wearing jewellery when exercising, doing housework, or activities where the jewellery could be put under pressure as it could result in damage to your pieces.

I try to follow the old mantra of ‘jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off’ so try to avoid spraying perfume onto your jewellery which can lead to buildup and tarnish.

Some gemstones such as sapphires are diamonds are very durable, but they are not indestructible. Take this into account when you are ding any activities where your gems could be hit by a touch surface or object which could chip or damage them. Precious metals are also very durable but again not indestructible and van be damaged or bent out of shape if enough force is applied so be mindful of what activities you undertake when wearing precious pieces.

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