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Behind the Barnacles

Behind the Barnacles

The Barnacle Collection was one of the first collections I started work on, The Barnacle Ring was the start of the Barnacle collection, as well as being one of the first pieces I carved in wax.  

But why Barnacles?

Barnacles in nature can be found on rocks on the sea shore or clinging to the undersides of boats, picked up as they navigate their journeys. For me, the Barnacle was a great metaphor for what happens to us as we each navigate our own individual stories that make up our lives. We pick up ‘Barnacles’ as we go, whether they be idiosyncrasies or traits that we develop on our journey through life or to represent the moments in which we find something beautiful in unexpected places. All of the Barnacles we pick up as we go through life are not flaws, they are beautiful and unique to each of us.

That is what the Barnacle Collection represents, the things that make us unique, that make you uniquely, you. Just like each of us are unique, and our own Barnacles will be specific to us, each ring, made through the art of lost wax casting, will be unique to you. While similar, no two will ever be exactly the same due to small alterations made to each design before they are cast in beautiful and tactile precious metal.

So celebrate your Barnacles, carry them with you and wear them with pride and adorn yourself with a piece, or pieces from The Barnacle Collection as a visual reminder of everything that makes you unique and beautiful.

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