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More about us!

Hi All,

As we're adding more products to the site, it seemed like a good opportunity to tell you more about us and the materials we use to produce our jewellery! 

You might have noticed that our products are a combination of fine or sterling silver - whats the difference?

Sterling silver is slightly stronger than fine silver as it is an alloy that contains 92.5% silver. This is why you will see the 925 mark on sterling silver products. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver, which is marked as 999 in hallmarking and in our products we use Art Clay Silver for our fine silver.

But what is Art Clay Silver? Art Clay Silver is an eco friendly product made by Aida Industries. At the core of their company values is ecological awareness and they recycle silver which is used in photographic processing and add organic binders to create their silver clay products. More information on their product and their mission can be found on their website - artclay.co.jp.

Not only does Art Clay Silver give us a flexible medium to work with, which produces a high quality silver, it also is more ecologically friendly due to it being made from recycled materials which is something we love! We also try to use eco-silver where possible in our other products, however, in some cases this may not always be possible. If you want to know which parts of our items are available in eco-silver, please just contact us to ask! If you have any specific requirements for recycled silver to be used in an order or commission, please just let us know and we will do our best to use as much eco-silver as possible!

If you have any other questions about our jewellery, please get in touch using the contact us page!

Jo x

June 2018 news!

Hi all! 

Did you know that we also hold jewellery making workshops?! 

We hold one to one and group workshops for making jewellery using metal clay. If you would be interested in taking a course with us, contact us using the contact us page or email  us at rockpooljewellery@outlook.com. 

Our courses are also posted on craft courses.com!

September 2018 News!

Hi all,

Our Mermaids Wish collection is now live on the website and our Etsy store, we're very excited about the launch and hope you like the new ranges of products!