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About Us

Handmade jewellery designs and metal clay workshops

Thankyou for visiting Rockpool Jewellery!

Rockpool Jewellery started in May 2019 after I (Jo) spent many years making jewellery as a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy making and I am strong believer in the benefits of being creative to benefit health and wellbeing as well as it just being a lot of fun! After years of making for myself, I had quite a collection of jewellery and I loved telling people about this fantastic stuff i had found called metal clay - so instead of continuing to talk about it, i decided to create Rockpool Jewellery to share it with all of you!

I live by the coast which not only inspired the name of my business but also features in my designs. I have always loved to swim and in the past have wanted to take up watersports which I have tried and lacked confidence in. More recently, I took the plunge and got back into the ocean to surf, mainly with a lovely bunch of ladies at the Yonder surf group in nearby Tynemouth - I love it, even if i'm still not very good, its all about the taking part that counts! I also find there is a very calming effect when you are in the sea or out and about in nature generally so nature and the ocean are what i think about when I am creating my pieces.

I hope you find something you like on our pages, something may inspire you to commission a bespoke piece or something that makes you want to explore jewellery making yourself either with one of our workshops or through the many other great classes that are available in a range of jeweller making mediums.


Jo x